Customer Care/Software Updates

Customer Care/Software Updates

Customer Secured Information Area

This page is for FMS Customers who have a current support contract for their software.

Clients who download software from this area are not permitted to share this information, programs, etc. with others. Software downloads in this area are provided for clients currently on support. The downloads are interim releases and/or program updates. They are cumulative. That is, all modifications, corrections, etc. are incorporated in the update. However, the update will work only if it is applied to the current release.

If you have questions or problems, call support at 1-800-659-3739.

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FREY Municipal Software offers complete and thorough training in a classroom environment at our offices located in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, on-site at the client’s office, or web-based training sessions. Classes: Scheduled classes are offered every month at FREY Municipal Software offices located in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, near Cincinnati, Ohio. A maximum of two organizations can be accommodated in each class, not to exceed four participants. This rule ensures your personal attention and success in our classroom environment. On-site classes are scheduled based on the client's schedule. We require a classroom setting for any on-site training to ensure participants in the training will not be interrupted by their regular work responsibilities. Web-based training sessions are scheduled by appointment.

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    For Support, please reach us at

  • 1-800-659-3739 (Toll Free)