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CHIPS® is an easy to use fully integrated payroll system designed to sync perfectly with the BUCS® Budgetary Control System. Allocating your payroll expenses has never been so easy, plus enjoy seamless payroll-related journal entries and payroll-related accounts payable items.

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CHIPS Modules & Features

This core module (Required) provides the facilities to maintain extensive employee records, federal, state, and local tax rates, plus other deductions. It calculates the payroll, prepares the checks, and the necessary tax and deduction reports. It maintains individual notes with alarms, learned skills, year-to-date totals, emergency contact information, and more. CHIPS® allows you to scan in employee photos and easily display key employee dates such as reviews. Deductions may be made either before or after-tax calculations and can be calculated on a percentage of the gross or as a set dollar amount. Each employee may have as many as 30 permanent deductions as well as 3 temporary deductions added during the payroll process. Additional earnings may be taxable or nontaxable. Meals, tips, and workman’s compensation are also accommodated. The payroll process is quick, allowing the automatic updating of standard employees. The check printing can display vacation, personal, holiday, sick, and comp time, plus all breakdown and summary information if desired. Tax tables are easily modified, eliminating the vast majority of program maintenance. A seamless interface to the BUCS® fund accounting system is included.

If your organization's administration requires multiple persons to be active in the payroll system simultaneously you will need to determine the number of active users you will require.
• CHIPS® is a true multi-user system, multiple users can access the payroll system simultaneously
• Features include record locking, operator logs, active users, and restricted access by user

A fast convenient mechanism to reconcile your payroll checking account(s).

Uses the ACH (Automated Clearing House) processing system in conjunction with your local banking institution to facilitate employee payroll Direct Deposit.

This module unlocks the many e-file options supported in the CHIPS® system. Federal and State governments continue to embrace technology and develop more efficient methods for submitting data. Many e-file options now exist and many more are sure to come! FMS supports many e-file options and will continue to expand its support of e-file options as they continue to grow in the municipal market.

Provides an interface between the CHIPS® Payroll System and your chosen third party Time & Attendance system. Customization of the interface file is also available from FMS.

Positive Pay is an automated fraud detection tool offered by the Cash Management Department of most banks. In its simplest form, it is a service that matches the account number, check number and dollar amount of each check presented for payment against a list of checks previously authorized and issued by the company.

This powerful module provides a user-friendly means of unlocking the true value of the CHIPS® database. The Data Dictionary Module works in conjunction with XDBC in your FMS applications to provide the user with information about the data stored in the applications database such as meaning, relatinships to other data origin, usage, and format. The Data Dictionary makes it easy for the user to identify data they wish to extract for add-hock reports using Microsoft Excel or Crystal Reports and Word mail merged document templates for example.

Enhance your CHIPS® Payroll system with web-based features that will provide your employees with 24/7 access to two years of pay stubs and W-2’s via the web. Employees login to the CHIPS® Payroll online services and enter a user name and password to gain access to their records.

Many states operate a state public employee retirement system, most of which adhere to common standards for provisions and data/report filing. If your state is one of these you can utilize this module to simplify the required reporting and filing necessary to comply with the program.

Print your payroll checks on blank check stock. It allows you to control costs and eliminate waste as changes to your check data can be made immediately.

A POP3 format email account is required to utilize the integrated E-notification features offered throughout FMS applications. Not all users may have, or have access to a POP3 Email account. FMS has established an independent POP3 Email server for our clients and now offers POP3 accounts directly to any client which would like an easy solution to the POP3 account requirement.

This module will enable ACA (Affordable Care Act) information to be stored in the system so the user can generate ACA Reports including the 1095C, 1094C, 1094B, and 1095B forms and offers data export.

FMS supports clients in 30+ states throughout the US market. Many state-specific features have been developed to accommodate state-specific reporting and filing requirements. Please inquire with FREY if you have a state-specific requirement. Some examples include:
• Gateway R100 – Electronic E-filing - Indiana & Pennsylvania
• State W2 Magnetic Media – Mississippi, Virginia, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Minnesota, Alabama, & Pennsylvania. This e-file is uniform across all states if your state is not listed here.
• Unemployment Interface Report: Florida, Virginia, Ohio & Indiana
• Retirement: FRS (Florida), INPRS (Indiana), RSA (Alabama)