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The CUBIC® Comprehensive Utility Billing and Control System is designed to provide a powerful billing and CIS (Customer Information System) for utility operations. It supports robust customer information, billing, and cash receipting functions, usage and bill/payment history, plus a myriad of report options. It supplies important functions like multiple search criteria for account inquiries, real-time updating and electronic input, and receipting interfaces. Reports provide extensive statistics based on customers, services, rates, and routes and much more. CUBIC® powerful receipt processing supports traditional receipt processing and high-speed scanning systems. Everything is online including bill/payment and usage history, deposit and service information, as well as a consumption graph for each individual service. Accounting is highly controlled by the system as well. NARUC reporting is easily accomplished with CUBIC®. It also has a highly integrated interface with the BUCS® Budgetary Control System. The CUBIC® system is modular-based, build a system that fits the size and requirements of your operation from small single service utilities to large multi-service operations.

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CUBIC Modules & Features

The base system includes many robust features to support the daily operational requirements of a municipal utility operation. Some of which are:
• Highly scalable according to your operations account volume, services and billing procedures
• Powerful accounting for utility billing for multiple services
• Preferences set by the user, by the program, allowing for fast and convenient navigation and process management
• Pop-up calendars for integrated date selection
• Definable formats for postcard and statement bills, work orders, delinquent notices
• Definable accounting distribution rules
• Print Preview with search capabilities, similar to those in MS Word, which will allow one to preview a report and then search it for specific information
• Report scheduler to establish multiple report groups and generate them in batch output directly to MS Excel file format.
• Internal Backup functions are available including Trial Balances, Aged Trial Balances, Billing Journals, Receipt Journals, etc.
• Reminders can be set for future events as one time or recurring reminder

Customer Maintenance
• Access Customer Maintenance within many functions without closing out of the current process
• Numerous robust customer reports
• View pending transactions in customer maintenance
And many more! Contact us today to see the full product guide and a complete list of features.

If your organization's administration requires multiple persons to be active in the utility billing system simultaneously you will need to determine the number of active users you will require.
• CUBIC® is a true multi-user system, multiple users can access the utility billing system simultaneously
• Features include record locking, operator logs, active users, and restricted access by user

A bundle of features designed to enhance productivity in the larger utility operation.

Provides a means of communicating with hand-held, drive-by, radio read and other AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) systems.

It provides a mechanism for time payment plans. These plans can be used for the settlement of accounts in arrears as well as for installment purchases such as tap fees.

Ratio Utility Billing System is designed to allocate utility bills in multi-unit complexes based on occupancy and/or square footage.

The CASS certification Module interfaces the CUBIC® system with a third-party service provider which performs the CASS certification of the CUBIC® customer account address data. Upon certification, an address list file in CSV format and CASS PS form 3553 in PDF format will be returned for import which will update the ZIP codes for the customer billing address and/or owner address and produce an error report for any address(s) which could not be certified.

A simple, effective integrated system for tracking inventory used to service the utility infrastructure and customer installations.

This powerful module provides a user-friendly means of unlocking the true value of the CUBIC® database. The Data Dictionary Module works in conjunction with XDBC in your FMS applications to provide the user with information about the data stored in the applications database such as meaning, relatinships to other data origin, usage, and format. The Data Dictionary makes it easy for the user to identify data they wish to extract for add-hock reports using Microsoft Excel or Crystal Reports and Word mail merged document templates for example.

Enhance customer service and accessibility with this CUBIC® generated web portal with online account access and payment processing. Your customers will enjoy 24/7 access to account information, balances, and usage data as well as a convenient integrated payment option.

Meters should be regularly calibrated and tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations or the guidelines recommended by the American Water Works Association (AWWA). The Meter Maintenance Module provides a mechanism for the scheduling of meter reliability testing at user-defined intervals, maintenance of test results records, and the expansion of meter-related information pertinent to operations.

Many of your customer's finances can't handle surprises. This fully integrated CUBIC® module enables your utility customers to sign up for a program that will deliver a uniform bill each month. Guarantee of a uniform monthly bill can also entice customers to sign up for a utilities monthly automatic direct debit program. Some customers are leery about automatic direct debit because the amount varies each month. Budget billing can eliminate that concern.

E-Billing gives the utility the option to deliver utility bills via e-mail. This enhances customer service while at the same time reduces postage costs, printing costs, and handling. *Internet Inquiry Module is a pre-requisite for the e-billing module.

Backflow devices require regular testing either by the utility operator or by licensed plumbers with testing certification. The CUBIC® Backflow Device Management Module prints notices at the prescribed interval and provides follow-up reports for those who have not submitted the proof of testing documents.

A POP3 format email account is required to utilize the integrated E-notification features offered throughout FMS Applications. Not all users may have, or have access to a POP3 Email account. FREY has established an independent POP3 Email server for our clients and offers POP3 accounts directly to any client which would like an easy solution to the POP3 account requirement.

Net metering is a billing system feature that allows electric customers to sell to their electric utility any excess electricity generated by their Distributed Generation System (DG). DG systems are small-scale, on-site power sources located at customers’ homes. Some common examples include rooftop solar panels and wind turbines.

Automate the management of funds your customers receive from programs that offer utility subsidies. These assistance programs have rules: funds are “service-specific”, funds may or may not be applied to taxes or miscellaneous charges, unused funds must be refunded to customers upon relocation, and so on. The Payment Assistance Module makes managing these programs a breeze!